Spiros Pengas as an Advisory Member to the Task Force of the Greek Ministry of Tourism

Happy and honoured to announce that Spiros Pengas, Founder & CEO of Wise Ram SA, has been invited by the Greek Ministry of Tourism to participate as an Advisory Member to the Task Force whose main purpose is the rightful exploitation of the financial resources of the EU Recovery & Resilience Facility, a Fund for Sustainable Tourism Growth.

Task Force’s main goal is to offer consulting support for the proposals’ conduction and implementation by public or private entities in order to be eligible for the funding support by the Greek Government.

The main pillars for the development and the reform of the Greek Economy which will include the proposed actions and projects are:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Green Economy
  • Private investments, reconstruction, regional tourism growth
  • Re-skilling and Up-skilling of the Labor Force, Social Cohesion
  • Infrastructure