A joint project co-produced by Wise Ram SA and the American Farm School

After the initial “numbness” of the entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, coming by the pandemic and the recording of their thoughts and concerns in the guide “Altering Tourism in Thessaloniki: Stakeholders voice out their needs, connect and react”, a same titled documentary was created to demonstrate the first useful traces of an “alternative” way for the recruiting and executing of the tourism project, a few months later.


Altering Tourism in Thessaloniki”, a hands-on guide of the consequences on Covid-19 on the local economy and tourism development is out! The guide is a fruit of the collaboration of Wise Ram SA with the American Farm School and its students of the “Alternative Tourism” educational Program of American Farm School. The program was designed and implemented by the AFS, as one the projects of the main program “New Agriculture for a New Generation”.

The “New Agriculture for a New Generation” program is an initiative that aims to create career opportunities and entrepreneurship for youth in the Agrifood sector in Greece. Rutgers University is leading this innovative multiyear program, in partnership with the Agricultural University of Athens and the American Farm School. The program is implemented through an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos foundation. The main goal of the guide “Altering Tourism in Thessaloniki”, is to record and analyze in-depth the new challenges and needs that the unprecedented health crisis caused in the tourism industry.

We have the ambition that this work will be the first guide and a useful tool for the postcovid period.

We are so happy for this synergy and the final outcome. We would like to thank all the participants and, of course, our valuable partner the American Farm School. (with English subtitles)